Chandrika Bath and Body Ayurvedic Bar Soap, Pack of 10

Chandrika Bath and Body Ayurvedic Bar Soap, Pack of 10

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Ayurvedic Goodness for a Naturally Beautiful You!

Chandrika brings to you the ancient secrets of Ayurveda . the traditional medicine of India.Ayurvedais a word from Sanskrit . the ancient language of India . and means "the science of life". Ayurveda originated some 5 .000 years ago in the oral teachings of ancientrishis . or spiritual masters . who believed that all living things were based on underlying energies. They developed Ayurveda as a method for balancing these energies and thus promoting optimal health and longevity. Ayurvedic theory influenced Greek and Chinese medicine . and evolved into a sophisticated system for preventing and treating disease. The secrets of Ayurveda can help you use diet . massage . herbs . and lifestyle adjustments to harmonize your body . mind . and spirit. Its all-natural approach is scientitic . safe . and effective. Chandrika products were first manufactured well before Ayurveda became a global phenomenon. In 1940 Sri Kesavan Vaidyar . an ayurvedic physician . started manufacturing an ayurvedic soap called "Chandrika" . in a small town called Irinjalakuda in Kerala. Still a family-owned business . Chandrika is now loved by millions of households all over the globe.

With the goodness of vegetable oils ofcoconut . sandalwood . and patchouli . Chandrika Bath and Body Ayurvedic Soap isnature's perfect therapyforall skin typesand helps ensuretotal skin care. Coconut . sandalwood . and patchouli oilscleanse and refresh the body . andtone and moisturisethe skin . keeping itsoft and smooth . supple . and gently perfumed.

Chandrika products aremade fromherbal and sustainable local resourcesandvegetable extracts. Our products containno animal fat . and arenever tested on animals. Your entire family canuse them every dayConsider them the gift of Ayurveda . from our family to yours!

Sandalwood . Nature's Favourite Aroma The sweet-scented extracts of sandalwood have traditionally been used for their aromatic propoerties. Sandalwood helps cool the body . tone the skin . and enliven dehydrated skin owing to itssoothing and moisturising properties. Its antibacterial and anti-tanning nature helps keep your skin clear and prevents scars and marks. Sandalwood also helps tighten the skin . making it more youthful and glowing.

Coconut Oil . the Swiss-Army Knife of Skincare While it has been used in Ayurveda for centuries . coconut oil has only recently been rediscovered for its skincare capabilities. It replenishes the skin's natural oils . and soothes the skin . reducingoutbreaks and irritation. Coconut oil is also known to be rich inantioxidants and Vitamin E that ward off free radicals . which means that it helps slow the aging processmaking your skinsoft . supple . and radiant.

Patchouli Oil . Your Skin's Best Friend

Theearthy fragranceof patchouli oil also brings alongantifungal . antiseptic . and anti-inflammatoryproperties.It is a naturally effective way topromote the growth of new skin cells . whichhelps speed up thehealing of scarsandreduces unevenness in skin tone. It is also known to helpcontrol acne and body odour. With patchouli oil . very little goes a long way in giving youhealthy and happy skin.

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