Coloplast Baza Moisture Barrier Antifungal Cream - 5 oz

Coloplast Baza Moisture Barrier Antifungal Cream - 5 oz

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Baza Antifungal Skin Protectant 5 oz. Tube Scented 1607 . 1 Count:

Baza® antifungal cream helps prevent the growth of fungus to keep your skin clean and healthy. It creates a moisture barrier that also protects your skin from body fluids . making it suitable for individuals dealing with incontinence. Baza® moisture barrier antifungal cream contains miconazole nitrate as well as skin conditioners to promote smooth and healthy skin. It's compatible with CHG . making it suitable for use at health care facilities. Coloplast Baza® antifungal cream is also effective in treating candidiasis (yeast or monilia) . ringworm . jock itch . and athlete's foot to keep your skin feeling comfortable. It leaves behind a pleasant scent . which can help mask or eliminate odors.

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