Mesh Bonnet Protective Night Cap for Curly or Frizzy Hair Protection, 2-Pack comes with FREE Eyeglass Pouch (White)

Mesh Bonnet Protective Night Cap for Curly or Frizzy Hair Protection, 2-Pack comes with FREE Eyeglass Pouch (White)

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This comfortable . lightweight . nylon mesh cap protects your hairdo and keeps it neatly in place while you sleep. The extra-large white bonnet fits easily over the fullest hairstyles. You can even use it with curlers in! It stays securely in place all night long with a wide and comfortable elasticized band that won't irritate your head as you sleep. It's a great hair tool for men . women . and teens with curly or wavy hair types. If you're prone to hair breakage . dryness . or stubborn knots . this bonnet is a lifesaver. Whether your hair is coarse or fine . you will love the difference this cap makes. If you want to extend the life of a fancy hairstyle . this sleeping cap is also an excellent solution. It's ideal for perms or naturally straight hair if you want to keep curls looking fresh overnight. If you struggle with overnight hair loss . this cap can also help protect hair from falling out when it rubs against your pillow. You can even maintain updos or other complicated hairstyles overnight with this handy tool. You won't need to worry about bedhead when you use this useful cap. Our polyester mesh bonnets are machine washable and easy to care for. One size fits most. As an added bonus . each purchase of this Mesh Sleep Cap 2-pack includes a free Juniper's Secret Microfiber Eyeglass Pouch of $5.99 retail value so you can safely store your glasses without worrying about scratches or damage. This soft carrier case is ideal for reading glasses . sunglasses . and prescription lenses. Purchase this 2-pack of hair-protecting sleep caps today!

SLEEP CAP FOR MEN & WOMEN: This convenient white sleeping cap provides amazing hair protection all night long. Use it to tame frizz . prevent tangles . and protect your curls all night long. It's great for ladies . men . and teens who want their hairstyles to stay in great condition while they sleep. No more bedhead!

IDEAL FOR CURLY & FRIZZY HAIR: If you have curly or frizzy hair . this bonnet is a must-have. It's large enough to protect fuller styles and acts as a protectant to fix and care for dry or fragile hair types. Sleeping on a pillow all night can cause frizz or tangles . but with these useful bonnets . your hair will stay smooth . covered . and contained.

EASY-TO-USE PRODUCT: If you're looking for a simple and effective natural detangler . try our mesh sleep caps. Unlike most detangle products . these caps prevent tangles from ever occurring. You won't need to brush out stubborn knots every morning with this easy and straightforward hair care solution.

PROMOTES NEW HAIR GROWTH: If you have fragile hair and you would like to prevent overnight shedding or hair loss . these caps are an excellent product for protecting your hair. You won't lose as much hair if you keep it safe and contained overnight. Our caps prevent your hair from excessive friction on a pillow. Hair loss prevention doesn't have to be a hassle with our product!

CONVENIENT DETANGLING: Whether you have tight and coarse curls or big . soft waves . this protective bonnet is a great way to keep your hair from getting tangled or damaged while you sleep. If you're prone to dry . brittle hair or tangles . our sleep caps are a great way to get some extra protection. Simply put them on before bedtime and sleep tight!

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