PROFOOT Heel Rescue Foot Cream for Cracked, Calloused, or Chapped Skin, 16 oz

PROFOOT Heel Rescue Foot Cream for Cracked, Calloused, or Chapped Skin, 16 oz

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PROFOOT Heel Rescue Foot Cream for Cracked . Calloused . or Chapped Skin . 16 oz
Your daily moisturizing routine shouldn't just be for your face and hands; your feet need some love too. PROFOOT Heel Rescue Foot Cream penetrates the skin to effectively moisturize and repair cracked skin and calloused feet; And the non-greasy foot lotion formula will leave your dry feet and cracked heels feeling soft . silky-smooth . and revitalized.

Made with antioxidant-rich Argan Oil . Heel Rescue Foot Cream is specially formulated to penetrate . moisturize and repair even the toughest cracks and callouses. With its high vitamin E and fatty acid content . Argan Oil is beneficial for moisturizing . skin softening . and repairing damaged skin. This intensive treatment lotion is not just a heel cream . it is also great for moisturizing dry . scaly . or cracked feet . elbows . arms . or knees. This foot moisturizer draws moisture deep into the skin . supercharging hydration for long-lasting foot repair.

This easily absorbed and non-greasy formula will soothe and repair feet and heels with no unpleasant residue. Our concentrated fragrance-free formula is made with emollients and extra moisturizers quickly leaves feet feeling soft . silky-smooth and revitalized. Plus the pump dispenser makes the Heel Rescue Cracked Heel Treatment Cream easy to use.

PROFOOT is a family-owned footcare business based in Brooklyn . NY offering a full range of foot care products including custom inserts . foot cushions . heel pads . orthotic insoles . toe beds and pouches . plus skin and nail treatments. Since 1986 . PROFOOT has provided relief for a variety of issues from plantar fasciitis . foot pain . arch pain . back pain . hammer toes . cracked heels . corns . calluses . blisters . bunions . toenail fungus and more. We know foot pain and discomfort can stop you from walking . running . working . standing . or whatever you need to do . that's why our motto is “The better your feet feel . the more you can do!

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