PROFOOT Heel Rescue Super Crack Foot Cream for Calluses, 4.4 oz

PROFOOT Heel Rescue Super Crack Foot Cream for Calluses, 4.4 oz

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PROFOOT Heel Rescue Super Crack Foot Cream for Calluses . 4.4 oz
Your daily moisturizing routine shouldn't just be for your face and hands; your feet need some love too. PROFOOT Heel Rescue Super Crack Foot Cream is designed to help relieve even the deepest cracks in your heels to renew healthy skin. And the non-greasy cracked heel repair formula will leave your dry feet and cracked heels feeling soft . silky-smooth . and revitalized.

Made with an exfoliating AHA blend and Shea Butter . Heel Rescue Super Crack Foot Cream is specially formulated to gently loosen and remove dry . cracked skin . allowing moisture to sink in more deeply for fast results in days. The AHA blend foot exfoliator sloughs away dry . dead skin while theShea Butter softens calluses for new and improved soft feet. This ultra-concentrated formula exfoliates and softens in one easy step. This intensive treatment foot lotion is not just a deeply hydrating heel cream . it is also great for moisturizing dry . scaly . or cracked elbows and knees. Safe for daily use for most skin types.

This easily absorbed and non-greasy heel cream formula will soothe and repair feet and heels with no unpleasant residue. Our concentrated fragrance-free formula is made with emollients and extra moisturizers quickly leaves feet feeling soft . smooth . and revitalized. It provides ultra-fast results . and you can see a visible difference within just a few minutes

PROFOOT is a family-owned footcare business based in Brooklyn . NY offering a full range of foot care products including custom inserts . foot cushions . heel pads . orthotic insoles . toe beds and pouches . plus skin and nail treatments. Since 1986 . PROFOOT has provided relief for a variety of issues from plantar fasciitis . foot pain . arch pain . back pain . hammer toes . cracked heels . corns . calluses . blisters . bunions . toenail fungus and more. We know foot pain and discomfort can stop you from walking . running . working . standing . or whatever you need to do . that's why our motto is “The better your feet feel . the more you can do!

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